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Thank you for your interest in donating to Trail Wiki. Your help is greatly appreciated, without donations from generous people like you this site would not make it. Below is a list of projects that need to be funded and a list of projects that have already been funded and completed. I will also state that 100% of money donated goes towards the website and not into anyone's pockets (except those I have to pay to have things programed, hosted, etc.). To learn more about Trail Wiki please visit the About Trail Wiki page, also check out our Development Plan.

One Time Donation

Other ways to Donate

Cash donations are great and help expand Trail Wiki by funding new features, web hosting, domain renewal, etc. An even better way of donating is to update content of a trail! Updating content is easy and anyone can update the content of a trail. To get started find a trail that you have hiked recently and click the "edit" tab at the top of the page. Update the content on the page and click "Save page" when finished. To learn more about editing a trail check out our Help Page.

Another great way to contribute to Trail Wiki is to become a contributor. Contributors are one of the main ways Trail Wiki adds new trails. Trail Wiki has a number of contributors spread throughout different regions. A contributor is required to add 4 new trails a month and in doing so receives some cool Trail Wiki gear and receives pro deals from all of our corporate supporters.

Project to Fund

  • 9 Year Domain renewal of (Cost:$214.25, Deadline:7/17/2014)
  • 9 Year Domain renewal of (Cost:$214.25, Deadline:7/17/2014)
  • 9 Year Domain renewal of (Cost:$214.25, Deadline:7/17/2014)
  • 9 Year Domain renewal of (Cost:$214.25, Deadline:7/17/2014)
  • 9 Year Domain renewal of (Cost:$214.25, Deadline:7/17/2014)
    • Why 9 years? Domains with expiration dates at least 5 years away rank high in search engines. To help expand Trail Wiki and make the site more popular we have to think about the long term and not just the now.
  • Form 501-c-3 non-profit (Estimated:$1000)
  • Custom extension for editing trails with a user friendly form. Please see the extension plan page at the Edit Trail Extension page.(Estimated:$3,000)
    • Include map coordinate picker
    • Add Trail Type to the info box: Out-and-Back, Loop, One Way, Multiple Routes, Lollipop.
    • Add Time Required to the info box.
    • Form for adding new trails that takes you to the above form
    • Add Trail Type to trail info box. Users will be able to select: Loop, There-and-back, One Way, or Multiple Routes.
    • Add unit conversion to convert miles to kilometers and feet to meters on the trail pages. Example: Distance 8 Miles (12.8 Kilometers)
    • Map add-on to allow for uploading KML, KMZ, and GPX mapping files and display a Google map of the trail on the trail page.
  • Custom user extension Please see the extension plan page at User Extension. (Estimated:$3,500)
    • Template for User pages(including, Profile Picture, Name, Trail Name, Favorite Trail, # of Contributions, Home Town, Website/Blog, Facebook, Interests, Email Address, Map of trails the user has done with total miles and total elevation gain, all reviews from user, etc.)
    • Each trail page will have a "I've Done This Trail" link. This will add the trail to the users profile and keep track of all trails they have done. Mileage, elevation gain, reviews, graphing all on a map, etc.
    • User Page template editable by a form.
    • User Pictures page listing all pictures the user has uploaded. All pictures are in albums for each trail they belong to.
    • Tracks new trails contributing user has added
    • Tracks number of edits user has made.
    • Custom trip reports extension to allow user to rate the trail, rate difficulty, rate the crowd factor, select the date of the hike, upload pictures, and write a trip report. All ratings will be averaged into the main trails rating. All pictures will be added to both the trip report and to the main trail page.
  • Phone APP (Andriod and Iphone) (Estimated: $5,000)
    • Allows all users to search for hikes in an easy to use friendly interface
    • All trails viewed will be cached for offline viewing.
    • GPS trail navigation allows users to navigate the trail by GPS if the trail has a KML GPS file.
    • Allows Contributors and Hired Hikers to GPS new trails and upload GPSed file to Trail Wiki
      • Contributors and hired hikers will have access to the mapping function of the application.
      • Mapping function will allow for GPS tracking
      • Coordinate placement with special icons for Trailhead, Stream, Camp Site, Hazard(Washout, Downed Tree), Bridge, Lake, Trail Intersection, Pass, Peak,
      • All coordinates stored with elevation, distance from start of trail, distance from end of trail.

Projects Funded and Completed

  • Ordered 2,000 vinyl Trail Wiki stickers with the new domain name of for advertising (Cost: $120, Completed:03/20/2013)
  • Ordered 3 Trail Wiki banners with the new domain name of for advertising (Cost:$98.68, Completed:02/11/2013)
  • 1 Year Hosting renewal (Cost:$95.52, Completed:10/03/12)
  • Ordered 5,000 Trail Wiki stickers for advertising (Cost: $142.01, Completed:08/15/2012)
  • Ordered 10,000 Trail WIKI business cards for advertising (Cost: $114.04, Completed:07/17/2012)
  • Secure trailwiki.ORG for 1 year (Cost:$7.17, Completed:7/16/2012)
  • Custom Map Overlay Extension/Map Clustering/Map Filtering/Modify Rating Extension (Cost:$1,001.52, Completed:01/20/12)
    • Setup custom extension for map auto generation and map overlay.
    • Change Google Map to cluster the map markers and only load markers in the view area
    • Trail Map Filter menu (filter trails by Use, Distance, Elevation Gain, difficulty rating, user rating, etc)
    • Change map overlay to show stars and boot prints
    • Modify Rating Extensions to follow page move.(Change extension to have the rating tied to the article ID instead of page title.)
    • Modify Rating Extensions to automatically add pages to category.
  • 1 year website hosting (Cost:$95.52, Completed:10/03/2011)
  • Ordered Trail Wiki banner for advertising (Cost:$49.68, Completed:08/10/2011)
  • Secure for 3 years (Cost:$59.97, Completed:2/13/2010)
  • Secure TrailWiki.INFO for 3 years (Cost:$21.41, Completed:2/13/2010)